Plot curves plus math based summary curve and export to file


This example script will plot curves from files into the current window, and then adds a math based curve that calculates the sum of all those curves. After that all curves are exported to an external file.


Place attached external file  "data_Run1.lac"  in same folder as script.

The script uses command  "hwc xy load file"  with a relative path, assuming the external file is located in the same folder as the script file. You can use an absolute path to the session file as shown as commented info in the same section of the script (see text editor).

For the export folder also the relative path is used with command  "session_handle$t ExportCurves".  The exported file with curve data is written to the same folder location as the script.

Usage/Installation Instructions

Run script with a HyperGraph /Line Chart) client as current window.