How to use PSIM-Activate coupling instead of Simulink

(This is a translated version of a blog, posted by Kosuke Ikeda. The original blog in Japanese can be found here).



PSIM is a simulation environment mainly used for power electronics and motor drive design applications. 

It is often that existing PSIM users couple their models with Simulink.

Alair's integration platform Activate, provides a converter for Simulink models and a coupling interface with PSIM, so you can use PSIM-Activate coupling instead of PSIM-Simulink coupling.

In this tutorial we will use Simport to load/convert a Simulink model into Activate and then demonstrate PSIM-Activate coupling with an example model. 


How to install Simport

To import and convert a Simulink model to Activate, you need to add a library called Simport. Please refer to the video below to prepare.

Link to download can be found here


PSIM-Activate coupling

In the video bellow we import the Simulink model chop1q_ifb_simulink_R2018.slx into Activate and perform the coupling with PSIM model chop1q_ifb_psim.psimsch.

PSIM-Activate coupling is possible by simply replacing the S-function block with the PSIM block.


You may also find useful information regarding the coupling on the relevant YouTube tutorial