Flux - SimLab Tutorial : 2D SPM Motor Brushless


This tutorial shows how to use SimLab to design and run electromagnetic analysis with Flux solver for electric motors. The studied device, a brushless DC motor with surface permanent magnet, includes the following elements:

In this tutorial, three typical transient magnetic analyses are defined to evaluate the motor performance:

Note: The geometry model is built by the Sketch of SimLab

Analysis 1: Computation of the cogging torque

Analysis 2: Back Electromotive Force

Analysis 3: Constant speed

Example access

All files corresponding to this example are accessible with this link (for different version) :

Step to follow : 

  • to follow the example step by step, the corresponding files are in "Example_name_StepByStep" folder containing:
    • Tutorial folder: contains the document describing the example step by step
    • InitialFiles folder: contains *.slb databases and files needed to build the example step by step
  • to play scripts and retrieve SimLab and Flux project, the corresponding files are in "Example_name_PlayScripts" folder containing:
    • ScriptsTutorial folder: contains script files to be able to play each analysis
    • Input folder: contains initial *.slb databases and all necessary files to play each analysis script
    • Output folder: empty (contains the obtained results after the script execution)