Dragline Excavator Co-Simulation Using MotionSolve and EDEM


A dragline excavator is a piece of heavy equipment used in civil engineering and surface mining. A dragline bucket system consists of a large bucket suspended from a boom with wire ropes. The bucket is maneuvered by means of ropes and chains. The hoist rope, powered by large diesel or electric motors, supports the bucket and hoist-coupler assembly from the boom. The dragrope is used to draw the bucket assembly horizontally. By skillful maneuver of the hoist and the dragropes, the bucket is controlled for various operations.

This example shows how to:

  • Define a flexible body for a bucket that is in contact with DEM particles

  • Run co-simulation between MotionSolve and EDEM

  • Control the motion of the dragline for obtaining the desired motion

  • Predict dynamic stress in the bucket for life calculations

Version of MS+EDEM: 2021.1


Requirements to run this simulation:

  1. Operating System: Windows ONLY
  2. Altair Products needed on your machine: MotionView, MotionSolve, Compose, Activate and EDEM 
  3. Working knowledge of all the above products and knowledge of co-simulation (Use MotionView tutorials to get familiarity)

Usage/Installation Instructions

Follow instructions in the pptx