Compose script to clean overlapping curve-X-vector


This Compose script will scan a plotting result file, and for all outputs found it will create a new output and write all to an .ABF-file.

The outputs are cleaned up when necessary w.r.t. their X-vectors, in case there was an overlap. The new .ABF-file will contain all original outputs in a cleaned version. So the new outputs' X-vectors are continuously increasing.


Open the .OML-script in Compose and edit line 4 to reference your current plotting result file, that will be scanned.


Usage/Installation Instructions

If the original curve has such overlaps in X




then this output will be cleaned to have the X-vector continuously increasing.


Edit the referenced original file to be scanned as described above, and RUN the OML-script. A new .ABF-file will be created in the same folder as the original file.