Understanding Altair PSIM functionality options vs the PSIM legacy modules

PSIM Legacy License Changes

After the acquisition of PSIM by Altair in 2022 it was decided to simplify the functionality choices of PSIM and include more functionality into 4 basic configurations: Power supply, code generation, co-simulation, motor drives.

These replace the old modules: motor drive, digital control, Simcoupler, Thermal, Renewable, EMI design suite, motor control design suite, HEV design suite, power supply design suite, etc...

The old modules have been regrouped into the 4 main functionality groups as follows:

Power supply group (Group 1)

Co-simulation (Group 2 includes  group 1)

Code Gen (Group 2 includes  group 1)

Motors (Group 3 includes  group 1&2)

There are three main functionality groupings: 1, 2, & 3 and you have access to the lower tier groups included when you use the higher value group. Group 2 gives access to co-simulation and code gen but they are individual check out options. It does not cost extra to use lower values groups, they are included when you use the higher value groups.

SmartCtrl is available through the APA and the units used for PSIM can also be used to run SmartCtrl, so it is almost "included" now where before it was a separate purchase.

You can download PSIM and SmartCtrl from Altair One marketplace