Lattice Structural Analysis Using Multiscale Technology

The process of homogenization and dehomogenization of a lattice structure is demonstrated in this document for linear analysis using three
examples. This document should not be treated as a step by step tutorial. Only an overview of the process is presented. The user is expected to have
prior experience doing basic tasks in Multiscale Designer and of course experience using OptiStruct, Hypermesh and Hyperview is also required.
Multiscale technology implementation in Altair Hyperworks suite of solvers was not originally intended for performing structural analysis of lattice
structures. It was intended for applications involving microstructure at a smaller scale like for example Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics. But the
technology can be applied to lattice structures as well. The process for lattice structures may not be fully automated and hence some manual intervention
may be required by the user. The user is expected to have a good understanding of the multiscale technology in order to apply it successfully for lattice
structures without Altair support.