EDEMpy Setting Functions Tutorial


EDEMpy is a Python library for post-processing and analyzing EDEM simulation data. It leverages the open-source hdf5 file format, which has been used to store EDEM data since EDEM 2017. With EDEMpy, extracting specific data from a simulation deck and processing it in a customizable and reusable manner becomes effortless. For instance, users can extract the force acting on a specific geometry over time, compare results across multiple simulation decks, track particles' residence time throughout a simulation, or calculate post-processing properties like the segregation index using EDEM data.

Since the release of version 1.1.0, users can now write data to the simulation without relying on the EDEM graphical user interface (GUI). This allows them to automate the process of creating an EDEM simulation and makes EDEMpy more powerful than ever before. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize the new setting functions in EDEMpy to construct a complete simulation from scratch. We will cover topics such as creating materials, setting material properties and interactions, adding particles, defining geometries, creating factories, and configuring model parameters.



EDEM 2023.1 or later installed

Usage/Installation Instructions

Download the attached zip file and extract all files. Open EDEM and go to the Analyst tab. Click on File, Run EDEMpy script and select the script.

Note: the deck and the script should be in the same folder.