Check string pattern for component label and output matching IDs to TCL console


This Script will check if component labels match the string pattern that is handed over as argument by the execution pattern (see below).

If matching, Component IDs will be printed to the TCL Console.


Usage/Installation Instructions

Run Script




Activate TCL Console from "View" dropdown.

Enter procedure name followed by your string pattern. Wildcards can be used.


execution pattern examples:
IDsByName "P747500\[1-6\];*"                                   -> Matches P7475001;*-7475006;*
IDsByName "2\[5-9\]\[0-9\]\[0-9\]"                             -> Matches 2500-2999
IDsByName "Shell\ \[2\]\[0\]\[0\]\[0\]\[6\]\[1-9\]\[1-9\]*"    -> Matches "Shell 2000600" - "Shell 2000699"


The Component IDs matching the pattern will be printed to the TCL Console.