Altair Feko: What's new in Feko 2023.1

Highlights of the 2023.1 Release

The Feko 2023.1 release features extensions to many different solvers - enhancing Feko's capabilities in propagation modelling, network planning as well as general and specialist EM analysis application areas. There are various performance improvements, interoperability and API extension, enabling more flexible workflows and automation.


Cable Modelling

Feko's combined MoM/MTL cable solution method is extended so that the outermost shield signals of different paths in the harness may be connected to each other through a closed shielded conducting enclosure of arbitrary shape defined in the 3D full wave model. Full coupling is considered between the cable harness, the shielded enclosure and the environment. Non-radiating electrical and circuit connections between different cable path signals can be defined in a schematic view - effectively modelling connections and circuitry within the shielded enclosure.

Illustration of the new shielded enclosure functionality in Feko.


Component Library

The following components were added to the component library:

The three new components that are available in 2023.1 from the component library.



5G Beam switching

ProMan now supports 5G beam switching capability using a predefined set of beams. Users can now be served by a dedicated beam, with the possibility to transition to a different beam as they move.

Left: Only the data beams that are serving a user are active (the best serving beam is selected. Centre: If the user moves, it switches to another predefined beam. Right: The serving beam is not necessarily oriented in the direct direction, it can for example, come from a reflection at the building.


Display total power from all transmitters after RunPro

Added support in ProMan to display the total power from all transmitters in the tree under Results: Propagation if the Superposed Received Power check box was selected.

The total power is available in the tree if the option was enabled.


Reference points on maps

ProMan was extended to define and display reference points on maps. These points are always visible on a map using an "X" sign (even if data is plotted). The names of points (prediction, user or reference points) can now be shown or hidden using the setting on the Display Settings dialog.

Reference points can be added to a map.



Propagation Models


Support for 5G

Support was added to enter 5G parameters for calculations. The 5G parameters are used when calculating RSRP, RSSI, RSRQ, SINR, Data rate and Throughput.



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