System (1D) modeling of e-motor and drive using high-fidelity e-motor models from Flux and FluxMotor (permanent magnet synchronous motor with field-oriented control)

Modern efficient electric motors like permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) require power electronics/drives and controls to create efficient AC inputs from a DC voltage source like a battery.  Using Altair Activate for system (1D) simulation, you can incorporate system-appropriate e-motor models from detailed finite element models in Altair Flux or Altair FluxMotor you simulate the complete e-motor and drive system.  Create complete electric motor and drive systems like the one shown below in Altair Activate.

Creating and sharing the model data from Altair Flux and FluxMotor to Activate has been made easy by using Flux macros and OML (Open Matrix Language) which are supported in both Activate and Altair Compose and this process may be automated for batch simulation and optimization.  

Altair Activate scripting and parametric modeling based on OML also allows users to build control design based on e-motor parameters used for speed and current control, including feed-forward and decoupling useful for Field-Oriented Control in the Direct/Quadrature (D/Q) frame (Park/Clarke transforms).

With system modeling, you can design and investigate the complete e-motor and drive system, and can also use this more accurate simulation to provide input back to Altair Flux for more detailed analysis and increase accuracy for behavior like NVH, losses, etc.



See KB0117661 for more details on how to create the e-motor model data for Activate or other simulation tools using a macro in Altair Flux. 

Altair FluxMotor may also be used to generate look-up table data and this may be automated using Compose OML scripts to bring data easily into Altair Activate.

For related information on e-motor and drive models using Activate + Flux or FluxMotor, see Presentation - Lenord + Bauer/Altair: Multi-Fidelity E-Motor Drive Solution

For more details on how to create the Activate models and use Flux and FluxMotor to create the model data, see the Flux and FluxMotor documentation and tutorial or please contact your local Altair representative for additional support.