Research on parameters of EDEM simulations based on the angle of repose experiment


J. Hu, J. Yang, J. Yuan, L. Mei




2016 IEEE 20th International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD)



EDEM is a discrete element simulation software based on discrete element theory of contact mechanics model. Because of the its difference from traditional models, such as Bulk Mechanical Models, and Continuum Mechanics Models, the simulation results are not always consistent with the actual results in the simulation of granular material transport inconsistent. Thus, obtaining parameters is very important for the corresponding discrete element simulation. Angle of repose is the key parameter to characterize a material flow. In order to reduce the bias of coal transportation discrete element simulation, this paper is aimed to obtain effective simulation parameters which are suitable for the real coal powder applications. In the paper, a method based on simulations and experimentation, to check and calibrate discrete element simulation parameters of the angle of repose of the pulverized coal, moreover, stacking angle is as the reference index. The simulation results show that, after the calibration of parameters, coal accumulation corner simulation results is closer to the actual, and coal transportation is more realistic simulation results.


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