Queuing Multiple Solver Runs through Compute Console - OptiStruct


Compute Console have capability to add multiple jobs in queue. This job will run one after another so engineer don’t need to wait for job to finish and start with new one.


  1. Start Compute console
  2. Copy the .fem files in respective folders where you want to run them
  3. Select the first .fem or any solver file from open folder location as shown below.



  1. Click on Schedule Delay check box and specify the start time (different input options in next slide)

The Set start time field can be used to set the time delay in various input formats.

Example formats: 5 minutes, 3600 seconds, 10 hours, 2 days, 6 pm, Tuesday 3 pm, tomorrow 15:00, Dec 15 8pm are examples of valid inputs. The maximum available delay is 7 days.



  1. Click Run and add next .fem file. Keep adding as many as needed. Click on Run every time
  2. Visualize the jobs in queue from View> Job Queue



  1. For further information please refer to documentation of Altair’s Compute Console.