Plot Macro and Templex function to cut selected curve at max X value


This macro adds a new curve based on a user selected curve, by cutting it at the max X value.


Plot Macros can be loaded through preference files, as the example attached.


To reference the preference file, the user has to invoke following menu from the HyperWorks GUI:


From here, the preference file has to be

1. Registered 

2. Selected in the preferences list

3. Loaded 




Once successfully loaded, the label will appear in bold font:


Usage/Installation Instructions

From the Line Chart Ribbon, the Math Icon can be used to access the Plot Macros.


Select "cut curve at max x" and select the curve the calculation should be done on.

Selection can be done by either click into the field next to "Curve" label in the panel, and then use SHIFT+LMB to pick the curve graphically.

Or, use RMB on the "Curve" label in the panel and "select curves" in the appearing pop-up, to select curves from a tree.


Execute with Apply and see a curve created using only values up to max X of original curve: