Pickup Truck - EDEM-MotionSolve with PM FlexTire Example/DemoKit

Off-road mobility vehicle development faces a wide range of challenges when it comes to testing design modifications and different maneuvers. In addition to having a high cost associated to any testing, the data generated is rarely reproducible and any modifications required after physical testing is done are highly expensive.  EDEM allows for rapid virtual prototyping of vehicle designs, leading to faster design cycles and improved off-road vehicle safety.

Simulation files used in this example can be downloaded here:


Using Altair EDEM, automotive and defense industry OEMs can virtually test their vehicles in an almost infinite range of terrain types with repeatability through simulation. These tests can be done in a time and cost effective manner as seen in this example. In this case, EDEM has been coupled to Altair MotionSolve to model the dynamics of the vehicle to a high level of accuracy. By conducting the tests with this coupling, it also allows to obtain relevant information on the effect that the bulk material has on the vehicle components when the tires interact with the terrain.

To run this demo:

         when the coupling server is open it will look like this after clicking it:


Since the release of EDEM 2022.2, these simulations are even faster with the possibility of using Dynamic Domain or PM-FlexTire (by Pratt & Miller) with the CUDA GPU solver. Allowing our users to maximize their off-road simulations speed using either of these features on a single or multiple NVIDIA GPUs.

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