New and Improved capabilities in the new HyperMesh 2022 user interface

Lets take a look at some of the important new and improved capabilities in the new HyperMesh user interface

Design Explorer

Design Explorer enables you to explore, understand, and improve your system's designs using methods such as design-of-experiments and optimization. By using Design Explorer, you can make better decisions and optimize the performance, reliability, and robustness of your systems.

Skeleton Modeling for Reduced order modeling

Skeleton modeling is an industry independent method of creating a reduced ordered model to facilitate optimization at the concept phase. Skeleton Modeling can be used for a variety of modeling needs including purely for model build purposes and/or for concept optimization. A skeleton model can be derived from several different sources. The most common sources are donor FE and CAD geometry.


Design Space for Topology Optimization

Create design spaces for BIW Architecture topology optimization.


Section Libraries

The automotive focused section library promotes rapid creation of full vehicle architecture concept models. Use the automotive section library for rapid concept development in the early phases of the vehicle design process.


Model Reconstruction

Go from a simplified to a detailed model using lofted surfaces.


Rapid Part Creation

Rapidly create parts like Bulkheads, Doublers.


Symmetry and Axisymmetry

Symmetry visualization allows partially modeled geometry to be shown in full extent by reflection and/or duplication or in the case of axisymmetric models, by 3D geometry generation.



Create and edit 2D parametric sketch geometry


Using the Sketcher for Beam Modeling

Using the sketcher you are now able to create and edit beam sections.

FE Geometry

FE geometry is topology on top of mesh, meaning CAD and mesh exist as a single entity. The purpose of FE geometry is to add vertices, edges, surfaces, and solids on FE models which have no CAD geometry.

Post Processing of Simulation Results

Seamlessly process solver native results in HyperMesh. 


Aerospace Connectors

Connectors define which parts of a model have to be fastened to each other and how the connections have to be performed.


Rapidly change the shape of the FE mesh without severely sacrificing the mesh quality.


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