Load Session in Batch mode and create screenshot or animation file of each window


You can use the 2 example scripts attached from a Shell (Windows / Linux) to let it read a pre-definded session (also example attached) and export a screenshot or animation (select desired example script) of each session window.


Save your session as .MVW that should be used subsequentially with this script.


Script  "Batch_screenshots.tcl"  will create a screenshot file for each window (JPEG).

Script  "Batch_animations.tcl"   will create an animation file for each window (GIF).


You can edit the file formats used in lines 88 and the resolution in lines 94 of the scripts.


Allowed formats for screenshots: 

Allowed formats for animations:
"AVI", "AMF", and "GIF" (one file contains the entire animation) or "PNG", "JPEG", "BMP" and "TIFF" (a numbered series of still image files comprising the entire animation).

Usage/Installation Instructions

execute on Windows from Shell:

<ALTAIR_INSTALL>\hw\bin\win64\hw.exe -b -tcl <path-to-TCL>\Batch_screenshots.tcl -sessionfile example_session_Crash.mvw

execute on Linux from Shell:

<ALTAIR_INSTALL>/altair/scripts/hw -b -tcl <path-to-TCL>/Batch_screenshots.tcl -sessionfile example_session_Crash.mvw


Note that in later HW version the executable path is:



Use "Batch_animations.tcl"  accordingly.


The screenshot / animation files are created in SHELL folder.