EDEM Tutorial 18: Lift and Drag Models

Simulation Files and tutorial PDF download link

EDEM Tutorial 18 - Lift and Drag Models.zip


EDEM Lift and Drag Models tutorial Overview

This tutorial describes how to create a one-way coupled particle-fluid model using the in-built Particle Body Force drag and lift models. 

The main focus is on:

This tutorial is based on the AcuSolve tutorial 'ACU-T: 6101 Particle Separation in a Windshifter using AcuSolve - EDEM Unidirectional Coupling' for more information on creation of the flow field used in this tutorial please review the AcuSolve tutorial.

Tutorial Level



Model Overview

Particle separation in a Windshifter.


Setup - 10 min

Simulation - 5 min

Analysis - 5 min


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