Configuring the Altair license path in SimLab


Configure License Path

The license can be configured in Simlab using the following ways: 

  • SimLab Installation  

  • Using configure.exe 

  • Manually edit the vpinit.bat file 

  • SimLab File > Licensing 

SimLab Installation 

  • The license can be defined on the installer page as either server or standalone (node-locked) licenses. 

  • The license defined in the installer page will be written along with the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH environment variable in the vpinit.bat file available in SimLab installation location. 





  • The License can be defined or changed through the configure.exe available under the Simlab installation location. 




  • Open configure.exe and define either server or standalone (node-locked) license in Choose License page. This will update the pointed license under ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH env in the vpinit.bat file. 




Manually edit the vpinit.bat file

  • After SimLab installation, ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH env can be defined or changed by simply editing the vpinit.bat file available in SimLab installation location.  

  • Open the vpinit.bat file in notepad, point the required license under the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH env and save it.   


SimLab File > Licensing 

  • The License can be configured in SimLab using Simlab File > Licensing 
  • When Simlab is opened without any license, below License Setup dialog will get popup automatically.  




  • This License Setup dialog can be used to define the server and standalone license. 




  • The hosted license can also be defined using the License setup. 



Check which license is used by Simlab

The user can check the License used by Simlab using the following ways: 

  • File > Licensing 

  • System info 

File > Licensing 

  • License setup can be used to check which license is used by Simlab. 


System Info 

  • The user can also check the license being used by SimLab from File > Help > System infothe license information is written in the System info.txt file.