Application of the DEM to screening process: a 3D simulation


X. Tong, Y.-H. Chen




Mining Science and Technology



The discrete element method (DEM) has been widely used to simulate microscopic interactions between particles. Screening is a deeply complicated process when considering the law of motion for the particles, themselves. In this paper, a numerical model for the study of a particle screening process using the DEM is presented. Special attention was paid to the modeling of a vibrating screen that allows particles to pass through, or to rebound, when approaching the screen surface. Inferences concerning screen length and vibrating frequency as they relate to screening efficiency were studied. The conclusions were: three-dimensional simulation of screening efficiency along the screen length follows an exponential distribution; when the sieve vibrates over a certain frequency range the screening efficiency is stable; and, higher vibration frequencies can improve the handling capacity of the screening machine.


digital simulation, Discrete element method, screening efficiency

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