Altair Monarch Learning Series 2023 Exercise 13 - MEDITECH Detail Trial Balance vs AP Transactions

Exercise Info

Exercise Overview

You are an Accountant at a Critical Access Hospital and the Controller has asked you to compare Accounts Payable activity between the GL and the Data Repository to identify and differences between them.


Create a Monarch Classic Model to Capture just the Vendor Debits and Credits activity within the Meditech Expanse Detail Trial Balance Sample.txt Report to answer these questions;

  1. Create a calculated field for Net Amount (Debit - Credit), What is the total Net Amount?
  2. Create a summary to identify the Top 1 Vendor had the largest Debit Amount. Who is that vendor?

Data Prep Studio

Create a Monarch Data Prep Studio Workspace that Joins (Lookup Join) the Meditech Expanse Detail Trial Balance Sample.txt to the Meditech AP Transactions for SQL.csv, to answer the following question;

  1. Which Vendors are on the Detail Trial Balance, that are not in the AP Transactions SQL table?

Exercise Answer

Not sure you got the correct answer? No problem. Watch the video below for a demonstration of this exercise from start to finish.