Altair Monarch Exercise 6 - Classic Journal Entry

Exercise Files

You can download all Monarch exercise files here: Monarch Sample Files for Exercises


Exercise Overview

You are an Accountant and you need to create a Journal Entry/Journal Voucher to post detail entries to several General Ledgers for detail activity on the 'Classic' report. You have to post the detail transactions to the General Ledgers in the "Classic GL Lookup.xlsx", based on Debits and Credits, for the various Media types (CD, BLU, DVD, LP). Your Controller has asked you to use the Altair Monarch Data Prep Studio to create a workspace that will streamline the creation of the Journal Entry. Below is a screenshot of the "Classic GL Lookup.xlsx", that has the General Ledgers you need to map the values to.



Exercise Answer

Not sure you got the correct answer? No problem. Watch the video below for a demonstration of this exercise from start to finish.