Using Intel MPI version 2021.12 with Feko

In certain cases when launching Feko simulations across multiple notes when using the Intel MPI version that is shipped with Feko 2023.1 and Feko 2024.0 installations, the memory usage may be excessive. This behaviour is addressed in newer versions of Intel MPI (version 2021.12 and newer).

If you would like to use Intel MPI 2021.12 with Feko 2023.1 or Feko 2024.0, an archive that can be extracted into the Feko installation location to overwrite the Intel MPI version shipped with Feko by default can be downloaded as follows:

Windows package
Linux package

PLEASE NOTE: It is advisable to keep a temporary copy of the Intel MPI that is shipped with Feko and (depending on system configuration) it is possible that other applications may use this updated Intel MPI. After replacing the Intel MPI for Feko it is advisable to confirm in the *.out file of a parallel simulation that the correct/expected Intel MPI version is being used.