To predict a blank shape for a feasibility analysis setup.

Topic Details: This is to predict the blank shape when running feasibility analysis setup.

Step 1. Run the feasibility simulation to get the flat blank (initial shape).

Step 2. Run the blank nesting operation using Overlap option ON.

Step 3. Check the nesting results and press right click on blank layout and select Extract Nested blank (as shown in below image) to get the Nest Blank Shape curve to be used for Blank Predict.

A screen shot of a computerDescription automatically generated

Step 4. Once the Nest Blank Shape curve is generated, select the Part Shape tool.

Step 5. Now select the line to predict the part shape and enable the Create New Part option and click on Predict.


Step 6. Once the part shape is predicted, you can check the Predicted part curve on the part shape for the nesting layout.


(Note: This tool is only usable when running the blank nesting operation with overlap option enabled).