SimLab: How to add the Number of Cores / User-defined preference options in the automation script?

Method 1 :

1. All settings in the Preference menu will be written in the ‘SimLabSetting.ini’ file in the following location - C:\Users\krishnj\.altair\SimLab_V2019.2\simlab.


Take a copy of that file and set the number of core & preference options required and save the setting file locally.

2.Set the below env in the batch file from which SimLab is called

SET SL_USER_DEFINED_SYSTEM_SETTING_FILE=\... setting file location...\ SimLabSetting.ini (Link the local setting file location to the env)

Whenever the batch file is run, it will take the number of core values & preference options from the linked setting file.

Method 2 :

1. Set the preference option required to run the automation script and export the settings file(*.ini) from File > Preference > Export. This support is available from SL2021.1.


2. Define the below utility in the script/project file.


Sample - simlab.setUserDefinedSettings(“D:/MySimLabSettings.ini”)

Note: For the settings that require restart of SimLab, set the environment variable "SL_USER_DEFINED_SYSTEM_SETTING_FILE" to the user-defined settings file instead of this script utility.