Retrieve usage logs from a Managed license

Altair One account admins are able to retrieve their Managed license usage data from the Hosted License Settings section on your Altair One account. 

Hosted License Settings is a section on Altair One that only Admin accounts can see and where you can edit a few license settings like license priority, feature restrictions, real-time license monitoring, creation of user groups and assignment of specific licenses, among other features. 

This specific article talks about how to retrieve the usage data from your Managed license on your Altair One account, the steps are detailed below:


1. Log into your Altair One account and go to your Profile.

    Once on your profile, go to the Hosted License Settings section and then click on the Usage Logs tab.


2. In the Usage logs panel the License ID is set to All by default, you can change this by clicking in the drop-down menu in order to select an specific license in case you have multilple.

Then choose between one of the Preset options for the Last 30 days or Year to date usage. You can set an specific Date Range as well, by enabling the option and then specifying the Start and End dates for the usage reports. 


3. Once you have filled up the license and time range information, click on the Submit button, you should get a "submission request message approved" message mentioning that you will receive an e-mail with the requested logs shortly.

4. You'll receive the e-mail to the address you are using to log into your Altair One account. 

This e-mail will contain a link that will take you back Altair One where you'll see the log request message:

The status could be different than SUCCESS if there were any days in the Date Range where no usage was logged. If this is the case, you will get an additional request.log file that will mention the dates where there was no activity.

5. Download the usage log files by clicking the Download link. 

6. A zip file will be downloaded, containing the log files corresponding to an specific license ID and the date when they logged the activity. 

 You will be able to parse the data contained in these log files and generate a csv file containing the transactional usage with the license parser included in the Altair License Manager installation. For more information on how to parse the obtained data, please read the Transactional Log Parser article.