JOINTG Modelling in HyperMesh for OptiStruct Non linear

Revolute Joint:

Go to Model browser Right click > Create > Component > Give the name as Joints

Go to 1D > Joints > Create

1.Select the appropriate component collector.

2.Select joint type as revolute.

3.Select the first grid and second grid where the joint has to be defined.

4.Select the Coordinate system at GID1 is must for revolute JOINTG.

5.Click on Create.

For the Review JOINTG in .fem file

1.Search for JOINTG.

2.Insert a Dummy line using $2345678as shown. (only for Standard format)

3.Review the appropriate CID for revolute joint for the second grid point also.


Note: IF CID is not selected then OptiStruct solver consider as Global Co-ordination as Zero (0).