Inductive power transfer system: coupler modeling and mutual-inductance calculation for coils with SimLab

Studied device

The coupler in an inductive power transfer system includes the following elements, an energy transmitter, and an energy receiver, each includes a coil as well as ferromagnetic material.


For this device, its mutual-inductance value is the most important physical quantity. Because the mutual-inductance value determines the ability to transmit power, it is of great significance to the design of the coupler and the control circuit.

This example will show coupler modeling as well as the 3D magnetic transient simulation with SimLab 2023.



Basic EM analysis

All physics definitions of the studying device can be realized with the proposed [MT3D Workflow] toolbar:


SimLab-Flux provides two basic coil modeling methods, including meshed coil and non-meshed coil, as shown below:


After solving the scenario, SimLab can provide some basic post-processing for the EM analysis, including the mutual-inductance calculation. As shown below, the mutual-inductance values under the two coil modeling methods are very close.


Example access

All files corresponding to this example are accessible with this link:

Step to follow:

    1. Tutorial folder: contains the document describing the example step by step
    2. Input folder: contains *.slb databases and files needed to build the example step by step