How to Plot Stress – Displacement Curve Based on Loadcases or Time Steps

Plot the Stress Displacement curve for transient results with stress and displacement result components.

  1. Click the Result > XY Plot tool and follow the below steps:
    1. Set the value of Data type to “Result Component".
    2. Right-click the table header.
          A list of columns are displayed that can be included/excluded from the table.
    3. Enable the Loadcase column to include it in the table.
    4. Click the Loadcase button.
    5. Select the required loadcases or time steps to be plotted.
    6. Click OK.

    7. Set the result component in both X data and Y data i.e., Displacement Mag in X data and VonMises Stress in Y data.
    8. Select the node.
    9. Click Plot.

      Curve plot for selected results components on X data vs Y data based on selected load cases/time step is displayed.

    Multiple nodes can be selected for this plotting.