How to add a port to an imported mesh

This article is a practical guide on how to add a port to an imported mesh.

As an example, we will look at an imported mesh model of an automobile with a monopole attached to the roof.

An imported automobile model (meshed using Altair HyperMesh) with a monopole antenna on the roof.


Since the antenna is a wire and meshed into segments, a wire port will be used to excite the monopole.


To excite the monopole:


The mesh segment is selected.



Added a wire mesh port to the segment.



Added a voltage source to the wire mesh port.


Note: View Appendix A-2.12 How to Connect an Antenna to a HyperMesh Generated Mesh in the Feko User Guide for more information.


See Ports and sources in Feko for more information on ports, sources as well as practical examples on how to feed typical structures in Feko.