How could I get the values of a 2D variation curve using python commands?

Once the 2D variation curve has been displayed, you have to use the following procedure:

1Display the python command of the variation curve in order to get the correct syntax

In the Command prompt window, type:

print CurveVariation2D['CURVE2D_1'].y[0].values

It returns a vector
>> [6.080012921252929E-6, -4.974369686661094E-6, -5.221675059341456E-6, 2.324062291614303E-6, -7.704912790840176E-6]

In order to extract the 1st value for instance, you need to type: print CurveVariation2D['CURVE2D_1'].y[0].values[0]
>> 6.080012921252929E-6

Additional commands related to the post processing of 2D variation curves:

print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].meanValues
>> returns the mean value

print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].rectifiedMeanValues
>> returns the rectified mean value

print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].rmsValues >> returns the rms value print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].integral
>> returns the integral

print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].minimalValues >> returns the minimal value print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].maximalValues
>> returns the maximal value

print CurveVariation2D['EVOLUTIVECURVE2D_1'].y[0].formula
>> returns the formula