Flux - SimLab Tutorial Summary: 3D Linear Actuator


The studied device is obtained from an import, it is a linear actuator with a coil, a mobile and a fixed part.

Analysis 1: Computation of the electromagnetic force

This a 3D magneto static solution.

Visualisation of magnetic flux density, magnetic field and force curve depending on the mobile part position.


Example access

All files corresponding to this example are accessible with this link : 3D_LinearActuator_Analysis.zip

  • to follow the example step by step, the corresponding files are in "Example_name_StepByStep" folder containing:
    • Tutorial folder: contains the document describing the example step by step
    • InitialFiles folder: contains *.slb databases and files needed to build the example step by step


  • to play scripts and retrieve SimLab and Flux project, the corresponding files are in "Example_name_PlayScripts" folder containing:
    • ScriptsTutorial folder: contains script files to be able to play each analysis
    • Input folder: contains initial *.slb databases and all necessary files to play each analysis script
    • Output folder: empty (contains the obtained results after the script execution)