EDEM-Fluent Tutorials

Please find attached 3 EDEM-Fluent tutorials.  

 Tutorial 1:

This tutorials is useful for anyone who is just starting out with the EDEM-Fluent coupling and assumes you have already compiled the necessary UDFs. This tutorial uses an Eulerian-Eulerian approach for modelling the fluid-particle system, through Fluent’s Dense Discrete Phase Model (DDPM). The tutorial demonstrates particle entrainment due to fluid flow above a particle bed.

Tutorial 2:

The tutorial shows a spray of particles in a fluid flow passing through a pipe junction. 

Tutorial 3:

Tutorial 3 focusses on simulating a fluidised (fluidized) bed with heat transfer. The tutorial is an example of an Eulerian-Eulerian simulation, making use of the Dense Discrete Phase Model (DDPM) in Fluent, as well as the heat transfer capabilities of the coupling.

If you have little to no experience of EDEM or Fluent, I would recommend going through some of the regular tutorials for both software first. The tutorial does not cover how to compile the coupling itself.