Data Analytics - Ask The Expert Recurring Series Monarch &Monarch Server(Automator) focus. July 27th Session reviewed Model & Workspace Verify Objects in Monarch Server(Automator) before going into LIVE Q/A.

Ask The Expert Series on July 27, 2021   
Monarch & Monarch Server(Automator)

The Session began with a brief overview of Model & Workspace Verify Objects in Monarch Server(Automator) before diving into the LIVE Questions. 

Question & Answer: 

1. Is there a way or a script that could be added to an Automator project?  I have an monitored project that runs so fast it cannot move the file fast enough at the end before trying to start a second time.  If I could get the Automator to pause 10 seconds after the Move Step, I believe it would keep me from getting an error from the monitored job when it tries a second time.  

2. What purpose/role does the HUB paly in a process?  

 3. Why do you have to put a HUB between Workspace and Verify Workspace?  

4. In follow-up to question 3, I have several processes that utilize Verify Workspace without a HUB and they work correctly. We're not on the newest version; is that a factor?  


5. For a Workspace that uses a Data Connection, can you set up Verify Workspace for the connection and if it fails, wait 5 minutes to try again?  We sometimes have an issue with the database connector failing, but if you set off the process again, it works fine.


6. Is there a way to force a row with a certain value in a field if the filter does not produce any row? If the Verify Model does not find any rows were produced, can the Input File be changed to another File Input file?


7. What is the benefit to clicking APPLY before clicking OK in the Right Pane?


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