Configuring a Standalone License on Linux

This article is intended to guide you through the process of configuring a Standalone (node-locked) license file on a Linux environment. If you are using a Windows operating system, please refer to this article Configuring a Standalone License on Windows.


For a Standalone license (a license that is locked to a local machine), set the environment variable, ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH, to point to the appropriate location where the license file resides. The preferred method is to save your license to a location separate from Altair HyperWorks software installations and set the environment variable to point at this license.


Configuring the file:

  1. Rename the new license file to altair_lic.dat.
  2. Place it inside the <install_location>/altair/licenses directory, by default /usr/local/altair/licenses, or any other accessible location.
  3. Point the ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH to the appropriate location.



export ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH=/usr/local/altair/licenses/altair_lic.dat


Commands used to set up environment variables from the current terminal shell.

For C shell:

setenv <environment_variable> <value>


For Korn shell, Bourne or BASH shell:

export <environment_variable>=<value>


Remember that in case you experience any difficulties with this process, you can contact Altair Support at the landing page of the Altair Community.