How Reservations work?


Reserve a certain number of licenses (Altair Units) that can be used by individual users or groups to implement fair/desired distribution of licenses.


These reserved Altair Units would be available to the user/groups they are designated for at all times, and will not be available to the users that are not added to the list.


Reservation of users is done by a first match rule, so if a user belongs to more than one group specified in the rules, the first rule will apply to that user.


Steps to Add Reservations:


Open altair-serv.cfg file located in C:\Program Files\Altair\licensing15.2.0 (or the current version installed on the server) and add the below-mentioned lines at the end of the file.


In the example below. We have reserved 63000 units for users in the group ALTAIR1:- user1 user2 user3


Same way, in another group ALTAIR2 we have reserved 168000 units for the users:- user4 user5




RESERVE_USER_GlobalZoneAP_63000 = user1 user2 user2




RESERVE_USER_GlobalZoneAP_168000 = user4 user5


Please add similar config lines in your file and restart Altair License Service from Services.msc panel.