Activate Thea Render with your Altair One account

This article will cover the process on how to activate Thea Render for SketchUp with a license Managed on your Altair One account. The activation process for Thea for Rhino and Cinema 4D is similar. 

Downloading Thea for SketchUp

You will be able to find the latest releases of Thea Render software available for download at the Altair Marketplace. Once at the Marketplace, search for the Thea product you need and click the Download icon. Then, select the desired OS and Release version and click the product name to start the download.



In order to log into the Altair Marketplace you should have an active Altair One account. If you don't have one yet, you can register here

Once registered, you will receive an activation e-mail. You will be able to log into the Marketplace once your account has been activated. 


Installing Thea for SketchUp

 The installation process is pretty straight forward, once the installer is downloaded, execute it and follow the step by step instructions. 

During install you will be asked to accept the License Agreement and choose the component you would like to install in case there are multiple components.

Once the installation process is complete, you will be able to close the installer. 


Activating Thea Render for SketchUp license

Launch a SketchUp session and go to Extensions > Thea Render > License Setup as shown in the screenshot below:


 The License Setup window will pop-up. Enter your Altair One account credentials and configure your proxy if necessary:



Click the Activate button and the success message should be displayed:

Then, after you click OK, the status should change to Activated:

Once you see the Activated status it means the application has recognized the license successfully and it is now active. This process should be done just once and the application should be active for the license period. 


Getting more information about license errors

If a user does not enter the correct username and password for the license account, there are a few error messages that could be displayed like the ones below:


If you don't receive enough details about the error, you can click the Error Log button on the License Setup window to access a more detailed error log as shown below: 


If you still require assistance to validate your license, please contact Support here providing the detailed Error Log..