VOV: About renaming a project

A vovproject is a collection of jobs and files managed by a given vovserver process.

The command-line utility vovproject is used to manage VOV projects, and is used also from within the lmmgr and ncmgr commands that are used to manage LicenseMonitor and NetworkComputer.

Runtime software has a notion of ownership that is separate from and in addition to the ownership of files in the operating system. There is a system for assigning privilege levels to users in addition to those granted by the operating system. These privileges are designated in the security.tcl configuration file in the server configuration (.swd) directory.

When a vovproject is first created, the creator is the designated as the owner and is granted the ADMIN privilege level in the project's security.tcl file.

The name of a vovproject is recorded in multiple places, so changing the name must be done carefully. For example, the vovproject name is embedded in several places in NC such as: 

Before trying to rename a vovproject, be sure that you shut down the vovserver. The vovserver periodically writes to the registry entry file to update its timestamp.