Use the slaveClass.table to classify slaves (NetworkComputer)

The slaveClass.table file allows you to classify slaves by adding resources - without requiring you to restart them. The table consists of a list of slave names and the resources assigned to each slave.

Contrast this to the resources assigned in the slaves.tcl file, which requires the vovslave to be restarted, or the use of the vovslavemgr update command.


machineA: linux64 javacompiler fastdisk

machineB: linux32 libraryVersion6.5 bigdisk

(default): linux64 smalltmpdir

The vovslave name appears at the beginning of the line.  If the vovslave name is the string (default, the line indicates the default value of the resource list. Each vovslave checks the file for changes at each update cycle (default is once per minute).

These resources are matched with resources requested by a job when the vovserver computes which vovslave should receive jobs. The file resides in the server configuration directory (the directory is $VOV_PROJECT_NAME.swd).