Study on plowing performance of EDEM low-resistance animal bionic device based on red soil


H. Chen, J. Duan, J. Sun, Z. Liu, Z. Ou, Z. Wang, Z.Yang




Soil and Tillage Research



The anti-drag and anti-friction performance of low-resistance animal in soil have always been the focus of study on soil-plowing devices. In this paper, a new soil plowing device is designed by imitation of the low-resistance bear claws. Taking the angle, rotating speed, forward speed and plowing depth as factors, the power and specific energy consumption as response indicators, the single-factor experiment in the red soil condition is carried out to analyze the influence of various factors on the indicators. The EDEM simulation model of the bear-claw bionic ditcher based on the properties of red soil is designed to verify the accuracy of the model and obtain the motion characteristics of the bear-claw bionic ditcher. The double-multiple regression model based on the red soil ditching parameters is obtained by the optimization of the rotating surface. The experimental results show that: angle, forward speed, rotating speed, interaction angle and forward speed, interaction rotating speed and forward speed have significant influence on power and specific energy consumption. The best parameters in the red soil condition are angle of 11.5°, rotating speed of 260 r/min, forward speed of 0.24 m/s, plowing depth of 13 cm, power of 0.5994 kW, specific energy consumption of 221.85 kJ/m3, maximum resultant force of 336 N, maximum lateral force of 85 N, maximum horizontal force of 197 N, and maximum vertical force of 174.7 N. The power and specific energy consumption of the bionic ditcher are smaller than the traditional ditching blade, and the biotic ditcher designed has low resistance.


Bionic, EDEM, Red soil, selective laser melting

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