Simultaneous Transmit and Receive with Shared-Aperture Arrays

Aman Samaiyar, Dong-Chan Son, Mohamed Elmansouri, and Dejan Filipovic
Abstract-”An approach based on shared aperture antenna
array is researched for simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR)
applications. The proposed configuration is a 10×10 antenna array
of circularly-polarized (CP) elements with 50 elements, somewhat
sparsely distributed, dedicated for Tx while the remaining
elements dedicated for Rx. The high isolation is achieved between
Tx and Rx elements at the expense of higher sidelobe levels, which
is an inherent property of sparse antenna arrays. To demonstrate
the performance of the proposed STAR configuration, numerical
modelling is conducted using multilevel fast multipole method
(MLFMM) solver in Altair FEKO.

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