Repose angle of monoparticles and binary mixture: An experimental and simulation study


C. R. Duarte, K. G. Santos, M. A.S. Barrozo, R. N. Cunha, R. N. Lima




Powder Technology



This study presents a simulation and experimental study on the repose angle of acerola residues and soybeans as monoparticles and in binary mixtures. The simulations were performed using the Discrete Element Method. The contact forces among particles were represented using the Hertz-Mindlin and the JKR models. The effects of the main parameters of these models on the angles of repose of acerola seeds, soybeans, and the mixture of both were investigated. A Central Composite Design was used to determine the levels of the DEM parameters and quantify their effect. The simulation results were compared with the experimental measurements, and the best set of DEM parameters was identified.


acerola residues, mixture of particles, Repose angle, soybean

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