New models in the Feko component library

The Value of parametrized Antenna Models: New Models in the Feko Component Library


How many types of antennas do you know?


Well, I don't know the exact number either, but there are definitely very different types of antennas,  and it is not a trivial task to generate simulation models for the type of antenna just needed.


To help engineers do this, Altair has integrated a component library into Feko. You can search and choose the right type from a large number of antenna types to create with a few clicks a complete simulation model. Most of these models are fully parametrized and can be adapted to different frequency bands.



The parametric models are very valuable and can be used for several advanced engineering workflows:


In the recent Feko 2023 release new antenna models have been added to the library:


In addition, the database contains generic platform models to support typical antenna integration workflows:



New platforms in Feko2023:


Feel free and test them out!


And view the following videos from the Altair how-to channel to see how parametrized models are used for Reverse Engineering , Optimization and Machine Learning: