Move the Database of LicenseMonitor or NetworkComputer (Admin Only)

If your LM or NC database needs to be moved, there are several actions you should perform to ensure that the database starts back up and runs without a problem, after your move.

To safely move a database, perform the following steps:

  1. By default, the database has three main roles, each with its own preset password. You should make a copy of those passwords. To find database roles and passwords, run the following commands:
    % source /path/to/rtda/installation/common/etc/ (or vovrc.csh depending on shell)
    % vovproject enable <project_name>
    % vovprop show 1 | grep SQL
    Your output should look like the following example:
    SQL_PW_rtdausr = '31UK,CAvlgaXPYXH'
    SQL_PW_rtdamgr = 'k,.x5739Q4k<f,nC'
    SQL_PW_rtdasu = ‘yZXQ4f5Fltq587gg'
  2. Save the existing passwords by saving the current properties to the following file:
    % source /path/to/rtda/installation/common/etc/
    (or vovrc.csh depending on the shell)

    For Windows customers, use the following commands:
    % path/to/installation/win64/bat/vovinit.bat
    % vovproject enable licmon
    % vovprop show 1 | grep SQL > /tmp/SQL_pw.txt
  3. Once the passwords have been saved, turn off the database, with the following command:
    % vovdb_util stopdb
  4. Move the dbdata9_4 or dbdata9_6 database directory to the new desired location. You may tar up or zip the directory to make it easier.
  5. Once the directory is moved and untarred/unzipped, you need to edit the database configuration for LM or NC to reflect these changes. The easiest way to do this is through the web interface, so login to LM or NC, and perform the following steps:
    1. Go to http://HOST:PORT/cgi/vovdbd.cgi
    2. Click the Edit Location button.
    3. Enter the new path to the database. Note: Only enter the parent directory. For example, if the database is under /opt/rtda/dbdata9_6, only enter /opt/rtda.
    4. Click the Save Location button.
  6. Drag the slider to start the database. If it starts, you're done! If the database does not start within two minutes, save the SQL_PW.txt file locally and contact RTDA customer support.