Investigation of fluidization behavior of high density particle in spouted bed using CFD–DEM coupling method


B. Liu, M. Liu, R. Liu, Y. Shao, Y. Wen




Powder Technology



CFD–DEM coupling simulation method is used to study the fluidization behavior of particle with different densities in the spouted bed. The simulation results show that the particle spouting behavior is incoherent and periodic in the stable spouting state. The cycle periods of the whole bed and single particle are obtained from particle trajectory and compared with experimental results. The relationships between the minimum spouting gas velocity, the steady pressure drop and the particle density are obtained. It can be found that the gas velocity range of stable spouting state expands when the particle density increases. The dual, single and multiple dominant frequencies are found in the stable spouting process of high density particle. Through detailed analysis on the mechanism of spouting dominant frequency, the flow pattern map with different superficial gas velocities and particle densities is given and can be divided into five regions: fixed bed with internal spouting, transitional stable spouting state with dual dominant frequency, main stable spouting state with single dominant frequency, transitional stable spouting state with multiple dominant frequency, and unstable spouting state. The stable spouting gas velocity is influenced by the particle density, while the dominant frequency of the particle spouting process will keep invariant even if the particle density increases, as long as Ug/Ums is not changed. The influence of particle density on the particle residence time distribution in the spout region, which can be used to characterize the gas solid contact efficiency, is also discussed based on simulation results.


CFD-DEM, Flow pattern map, High density particle, Spout frequency, Spouted bed

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