Installing Inspire 2024 on a machine without Internet access

To install Inspire and manufacturing applications on a machine with no internet access:


  1. On a connected machine, download the 2024 installer from Altair Marketplace.
  2. Start the installation process which first downloads the contents inside the folder 'AltairXpress2024'.
  3. Once the download is complete, the actual Inspire installation will start. Hit Cancel.
  4. Move the folder 'AltairXpress2024' to the machine with no internet access.
  5. Double click on the AltairInspire2024_win64.exe inside the folder to start installation. For manufacturing products the installer to start will contain the manufacturing product name. E.g. to install Altair Inspire Extrude, start AltairInspireExtrude2024_win64.exe.