Installing Altair License Manager Version 15.5.0 on Linux

This article summarizes the items and procedures needed to install and successfully run the Altair License Management System on Linux.


Download Process:

Download the Altair License Manager (ALM) from Marketplace on Altair One. The License Manager Tab would be accessible for all the applications for which you currently have a license. 

Save the executable file within a local drive on the intended Server machine.


Installation Process:

  1. Log in as root on the machine where the license package will be installed (You need to log in as root to set up the license init scripts to automatically launch the daemons at boot time).
  2. Execute the installer package.
  3. Refer to the video, below, showing step-by-step the process to install the Altair License Manager.

Please Note: The installer asks whether you already have a license file. If you do, enter its location in the install wizard. If you do not have one, the installer creates a blank altair_lic.dat file in the and you can replace it later. Additionally, please make sure there is only one *.dat  or *.lic (license file) in the installation directory.


Using the Altair License Server:

In order for applications to use the Altair License Server, the environment variable, ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH, must point to the appropriate location. Multiple license paths are allowed and should be separated by a colon (:) on Linux.

The proper format for a network license location is port@hostname. The default port is 6200.

Make sure there are no spelling mistakes in the variable name or server name and both are case sensitive

For example:


export ALTAIR_LICENSE_PATH=6200@srv1:6200@srv2:6200@srv3


Remember that in case you experience any difficulties during this process, you can contact Altair Support at the landing page of Altair Community.