Import Password-Protected PDF Files In Data Prep Studio


PDF files can be protected using a password. The steps below outlines how to work with password-protected PDF files.


Some PDF files have a password set as a security from the author of the file.


  1. Open Data Prep Studio.
  2. Click the Settings Button - located to the far right of the toolbar.
  3. Go to the Security tab and click the drop-down button to select your option:
    • Always: Specifies that passwords from PDF files will always be saved in workspaces.
    • Never: Specifies that passwords from PDF files won’t be saved in workspaces.
    • Prompt: Specifies that you want to be prompted to save the passwords of PDF files. If you select this option, whenever you import a password-protected PDF file into Data Prep Studio and then go to save the workspace, Data Prep Studio will display a dialog that will give you the option to save the password.

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Affected versions: Monarch v15