How to set Initialization by static computation in Flux?

The functionality “Initialization by static computation” has been added in transient applications since Flux v.10.3.1. The activation of the initialization by static calculation is done in the definition box of the application. By default, the Transient initialization is: With zero initial solution (variables set to 0). In order to modify it, you have to follow the next steps:

1Edit the application
2Select the tab « Transient initialization »

In the scroll menu select “Initialized by static computation”

Since Flux v.11.1 it is also possible to make initialization by file. For that you have to select the option “Initialized by file” in the application and browse *.FTS file that has been exported from MH or from another MT solving.

4Click on OK to validate your choice

Manual setup of the initialization by static computation using VALID function in the coil definition:

1Define the coil conductors as follow : (Valid(TIME,0,2*time_step)*1e6+1)*R_coil_cond
2Define the solid conductors as follow : (Valid(TIME,0,2*time_step)*1e6+1)*R_solid_cond