How to found out the Python expression of a Flux entity?

Each entity (geometric, mesh, physics, electric, curves, parameters...) created in Flux has an associated python command. In order to found out the syntax of the python expressions, there are five possible methods presented in the table below:

1Recover the syntax in a command file (.py file). It could be the .py file that saves all Flux commands when the Flux program running or another command file (ex. python files of macros)
2Recover the syntax in the Echo zone. Once the command has been activated you can directly recover the syntax in the Echo zone

Activate the entity command Display Pyflux command. For that, right click on the entity in the data tree Example : Display the python command of the entity Point[1]

4Apply the Python type() method to the entity (Command zone) Example: Point[1].type().
5Apply the python help() method to the entity (Command zone) Example :